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By Tom Barton

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Defense wins championships - maybe but offense wins games in the NFL 2018. A quick look at the best team in the league reads like a compilation of the best offenses in the NFL as well. The Rams, Saints and Chiefs are at the top of the heap and all are ranked 1,2, and 3 when speaking of the best statistical offenses this season. 

Moving down the list Tom Brady is still Tom Brady, even if the pure numbers may be lagging. First place Pittsburgh has possibly the best offensive talent overall and are starting to show that as well. Sure you can point to the Bears, Redskins and Texans as teams who's defense is leading their team but does anyone buy into any of them as Super Bowl contenders? 

What is somewhat alarming with all these excellent offenses is the "get off my lawn" old guard still saying you need a defense in the post season and I agree. The Rams defense has names, but they are banged up and playing as poorly as you can right now. The Chiefs have corrected some flaws but you can run all day on this team, Which brings us to the Saints. New Orleans looks like they might have found some answers on that side of the ball and that is dangerous for the rest of football.

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