The Rules Are Not The Same

By Tom Barton

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College Football is in danger of losing itself and fast. Simply put the rules are not the same for everyone and the college football landscape is turning off massive amounts of fans and viewers. The game is rigged, the game is tainted, and the game is in trouble.

I am a huge college football fan but the problem we have been heading towards for years now, and has hit a head, is simply not everyone is treated the same. Alabama is treated differently than every other team in the country. Michigan, Ohio State, Auburn, and LSU can also be in that small grouping of teams that just don't play by the rules that the other 100+ schools must adhere to. 

What we know about college football is what we've known for decades. One loss and your season is likely done. Two losses and you can forget a National Championship. Unless of course you're one of the chosen few. Take this weekend for example. The Purdue Boilermakers thoroughly dominated Ohio State on their way to knocking off the #2 team in the country. The Buckeyes didn't even score a TD until the 4th quarter, yet it means nothing. NOTHING! Michigan has a loss on their schedule already, as does LSU, and it means nothing whatsoever.

Before you give me the force fed line of "every game matters" no it doesn't for the elite few. Ohio State lost to Purdue but if they win the Big 10 they will still go to the college football playoff. Michigan lost their opening game, but if they win the Big 10 they go to the playoff, LSU has a loss, win the SEC and you're in. Bama? Hell Bama would need 2 losses and they still might get in. 

And then there is the rest of the country. Oklahoma might win the Big 12 with 1 loss. Their season though is likely already finished. Washington State has one loss and can win the Pac 12. No one believes they can make the playoff. And then there is good old Central Florida. The UCF Knights have now won 20 games in a row. They've won key road games, neutral site games, and even beat an SEC powerhouse in their bowl game. Despite that all they won't make the playoff yet again. 

So what is the college football committee telling America? Unless you're one of these select schools you have zero room for error, and even if you have no mistakes and have zero losses you still might not be allowed at our elitist party. Oh and if you're Alabama don't worry, you can lose you conference, lose your division and still be invited. We are entering a dangerous area in college football and fans are tuning out. 

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