What are the Jaguars Options?

By Tom Barton

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Many bettors from around the country watched the Jaguars, season after season, be cash cows on the season total Unders and year after year become almost a laughing stock in the NFL. The smart bettor however watched this team bring on and draft massive talent year in and year out. Then last offseason the Jags began spending more and more money on big name players like Calias Campbell and others. 

The Jaguars went to the AFC Championship game and bettors saw a buy in opportunity this year in a team that was massively talented and had good odds. The odds were good because ... well Blake Bortles was still under center. Bortles has been a disaster for this team and any onlooker has watched it for years. Jacksonville decided to pass on Watson and Mahomes, among others, to back "their guy". Bortles has been "their guy" in the media for years but on Sunday the truth came out when Cody Kessler took the field. 

It wasn't THAT Bortles was benched but rather when and by who. The Jaguars fans can't really be excited about Kessler and by benching Bortles you just told the world you have screwed up for years. After the game there were fights in the locker room and this team is unraveling fast. 

This isn't all on Bortles though. I'm no Bortles apologist but the reality is he lost his left tackle, starting RB, #1 WR and 3 tight ends so far this year. Doug Marrone once famously said "if I could run the ball on every down I would" well they might just try that. The Jags traded for Carlos Hyde last week and the speculation was that Leonard Fournette was injured. Nope. Maybe Marrone will try and run it every play. 

So from a bettors view is this a buy low opportunity? I say yes. Look I don't think Kessler is the answer, and I don't think this sparks Bortles. In fact I don't even think they make a trade for Taylor or Manning or some other pipe dream. I do however think they take their bye week, next week, and institute an offense that is all run and hide the QB deficiencies. Don't be surprised to see Jacksonville make a late season run here and by run I really mean run, run, run. 

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