It’s Still Brady’s Home

By Tom Barton

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All this week, make that all this season - actually pretty much for the past decade, we've heard the idea that the Patriots, and Tom Brady, are slipping. While the countless writers and talking heads continue that narrative it seems amped up this year even more. I can't say that there isn't good reason either. 

These Patriots didn't look the same or take the same track of years past. While the 11-win club won its 10th straight AFC East title this year, the Pats have been vulnerable both from a talent and coaching standpoint in 2018. People have questioned the Hoodie's coaching decisions more this season, especially the Hail Mary play with Gronk. Then Brady looked downright human in Pittsburgh, especially late in the game which is his wheelhouse. Belichick lost to an assistant, and in embarrassing fashion and the Jags beat the Pats by double digits. 

Normally you can just say "On to Cincinnati" and move on but age, lack of talent, and the league catching up seems to be on everyons lips this year and now here come the upstart Chargers. 

Phillip Rivers was being mentioned as an MVP candidate only a few weeks ago and oh boy does he have some revenge on his mind. The Chargers have thrived on the road; the Chargers are 9-1 away from home this season, with the only defeat coming to the Rams. So they can play anywhere and Rivers wants revenge here. In 2006, the Chargers were 14-2 and heavy favorites but Brady stole that one. San Diego had a 21-13 lead late in the fourth quarter but Brady had a late rally and won 24-21. In 2007 the Pats again sent them packing. In fact Rivers is 0-7 in his career against Brady. He needs this for his legacy and the team knows it. Add in that motivation a dominating pass rush which the Pats have always struggled with and you have the makings of an upset. But ..... 

Tom Brady is still at home. This is still Brady at Foxboro and no other player in NFL history, maybe sports history, has used his home field advantage like Brady has, and Brady in the playoffs is even more impressive. The Pats went unbeaten at home this year but that's only half of the story. Here is what Brady has done at home in his career.

- 19-3 at home in the playoffs 

- 115-18 regular season record at home 

- 134-21 home record overall

- Lost just two games to an AFC opponent at home since 2007

- Won 15 straight home games 

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