Sports Betting Radio Is Now the Favorite: Wanna Bet Debuts on Envision Networks

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With the legalization of sports wagering sweeping the country, ’s Wanna Bet?! and ® have gone all in to deliver the winning formula for a national radio program dedicated to beating the odds. The weekday daily show offers listeners entertaining sports talk with an inside look at the analysis and news they need to gain an edge on wagering intelligence.


Host Tom Barton’s personality delivers engaging, top-notch entertainment that caters to the fans demands of sports talk and wagering odds presented in an easy-to-follow format.

“Sports talk is ripe for a transition from arguing hosts and home team bias to important decision-making information and guests whose opinions are not only entertaining but informative,” said Wanna Bet?! host, Tom Barton. “This is a game changer.”

The show features interviews with prominent sports figures, writers and wagering professionals like , Ryan Leaf, Jane Leavy and sports book directors Jay Kornegay and Bert Osbourne.

The Evolution of Sports Talk Radio is here


Tom Barton is a well-known sports analyst who has hosted sports programming on national radio stations and helped build ESPN. He’s been a fixture in Las Vegas radio for over 10 year as a sports talk host on Fox Sports. Tom’s also a long-time, proven and respected sports handicapper whom Gaming Today so aptly named, “The Honest Handicapper.”

Mr. Barton was the first person to legally place a bet in the U.S. outside of Nevada, when he beat out the Governor of Delaware and others vying to be the first.

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