The Yankees In The Wild Card Isn't The Worst Thing

By Tom Barton

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If you're a Yankees fan you aren't happy. In fact speaking to most Yankees fans they sound like this team is out of the playoffs and lingering down with the Mets sort of season. We Yankees fans are spoiled and that's ok but it's time to look at some realities.

Reality one is the Yankees will lose the division. Reality two is the Yankees are going to be a Wild Card team. Reality three is that isn't so bad ... but they better get home field.

I'm not here to make excuses like Gary Sanchez and Aaron Judge both missed huge chunks of the season. I won't mention that Chapman hasn't been himself, Greg Bird is a total bust, Severino looks lost out there nor will I remind people this is Boone's first year. I won't say it, well I think I just did, but I won't lean on those things because the Yankees have one game to win and they are right where we expected them to be. No matter how you thought this season would shake out the odds were the Yanks would have to go through Boston, Cleveland and Houston to get to the World Series and that has not changed. What has is that extra game. Let's break down some numbers.

Last season the Wild Card home teams went 2-0 but overall the road team has a 7-5 advantage.

6 Wild Card teams have won the World Series in 23 seasons, and another 5 lost the World Series.

Wild Card winners are 6-6 in Division Play (that is without their ace who is used for the play in game)

Half of those losers pushed it to a game 5 anyway

So, Yankees fans, you have to face reality. The reality is the entire 90+ win season will come down to one game. But if you get through that one game the stats say you can still reach that ultimate goal, just have to get past those pesky A's.

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