Still Looking for the Next Manning vs. Brady

By Tom Barton

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We were all spoiled. That's right we were spoiled during the great Manning vs. Brady years and ever since we have been looking for the next great battle. With Andrew Luck now gone let's take a look at some of the combos that might play out as this generation's next 1-2 punch.

Cam Newton vs. Russell Wilson - Just a few years ago this was going to be the battle we all would get for the next decade. Cam and Wilson have both been to the Super Bowl (Wilson going twice) and the future looked bright. Since then the Seahawks look like a team in transition and are now not even the favorites in their own division while the Panthers have taken a clear step back and Cam can't stay healthy. 

Patrick Mahomes vs. Baker Mayfield - This is the new flavor of the month, per say. Baker and Mahomes had some good battles in college and their high flying ways are exactly what the NFL wants to market. But we are banking on a player who hasn't been in the league a full year yet and while Mahomes was incredible last season he still didn't get to the big game. 

Carson Wentz vs. Jared Goff - Taken 1-2 in the draft 3 years ago and now both have a Super Bowl appearance under their belts this one might be the most bankable rivalry. I don't think they'll ever get to the numbers that Brady and Manning can but multiple Super Bowls and NFC championship games seem to be likely, adding to the intrigue. 

Trevor Lawrence vs. Tua Tagovialoa - This is my "next up". Much like Magic vs. Bird this one is beginning in college and all signs point to another title game with these two headlining it. If we get two NCAA title battles then they land in the same conference. This could be history in the making. 

Others who might be able to start the competition : DeShaun Watson can take over for Mahomes or Mayfield in the battle for the AFC's best QB. Sam Darnold and Josh Allen both have promise in the AFC East. Daniel Jones vs. Dwayne Haskins is too early to call but that's a good NFC East battle beginning. Mitch Trubisky vs. Aaron Rodgers could still have a 5 year shelf life and Kyler Murray is an exciting option to start thinking about. 

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