Andrew Luck Retires and Sports Book Chaos Ensues

By Tom Barton

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The sports world was shocked when one of the leagues promising young signal callers called it quits. Andrew Luck walked away from the game citing injuries and a general tiredness of trying to come back from those injuries. This was one of the biggest sports stories of this generation and it made us quickly remember Barry Sanders and Chad Johnson walking away from the game. 

Luck was a player who played with a lacerated kidney, so no one with a brain is questioning is toughness. He also is leaving 58 million dollars on the table so we shouldn't question his commitment either. This was simply a case of walking away, rather than limping. 

I have the utmost respect for Luck who I graded out as the best college player I've watched in the past 20 years. He led a 2-14 team to 3 straight playoffs, made the playoffs 4 times in his brief career and averaged 29 TD's per year. His greatness was stunted by a GM that for years continued to put a terrible offensive line in front of him and ultimately it became his undoing, much like David Carr. 

When all is said and done Luck is one of the greats, even if he has a lot of "what coulda been" in his legacy. What could have been is what a lot of sports bettors were wondering as well as they woke up with futures tickets that are likely going to only stoke the winter fires now. The Indianapolis Colts were the 4th most bet team to win the Super Bowl and had more tickets come in on the division and AFC championships. The Colts win total was set at a nice and attractive 10 as well. 
Jacoby Brissett is a solid player but all of those tickets are now in jeopardy. This is the risk of betting early. The Sports Book at Westgate Casinos in Las Vegas actually refunded all Andrew Luck for MVP tickets, which was something they didn't have to do. That makes Luck backers feel much better today and it is in line with what so many mobile sites are doing in buying back customer loyalty by paying off bad bets. 

If you're holding a Luck for MVP ticket hopefully you will be made whole. If you have a Colts ticket all you can do is hope Brissett behind a finally good offensive line can hold the fort. It's sad to watch Luck walk away but all is not lost in Indy, at least not yet. 

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