NCAA Bracket Stats

By Tom Barton

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·  The record book has about 300 upsets  

·  2018 - The first and second round combined had 10 upsets, five in each round. Only five tournaments in the record book (1985, 1986, 1990, 2002 and 2006) had 10 upsets in the first and second rounds. 

·  Out of 38 tournaments, 26 had three or more upsets in the first round. In every year between 2011 and 2015, not a single team was upset in the first round. 

·  Years 1985 and 2014 are tied for the most upsets, each with 13, followed by 1986 with 12 upsets. 

·  Upsets happened the most in the first round, followed by the second round.

·  The highest-scoring upset occurred in 1990, when Loyola Marymount beat Michigan, 149-115.

·  The lowest-scoring upset was nine years later, when Missouri State beat Wisconsin in a 43-32 game.



No. 1 seeds have lost just once in more than 130 tries 

No. 2 seeds have won 94% of their first round games

No. 3 seeds have gone about 85 % against No. 14 seeds

No. 4 seeds are hitting over 80% versus No. 13 seeds.

No. 5 seeds --- 12 seeds have won more than 1/3 of the time 

No. 6 seeds --- 11 seeds are winning nearly 40% of the time 

No. 7 seeds are just over 61 % against the 10 seeds

8 versus 9 matchup has been a near 50/50 split 

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