SUPER BOWL LII - RAMS vs. GOATS --- It's all about the Hogs!

By Tom Barton

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What is old is new again. Tom Brady is back in the Super Bowl and faces the team he beat to earn that very first ring. Brady was a young pup back then and if you can believe it, he was a huge underdog, and a fan favorite. My how the times have changed. As Brady and the Pats enter this Super Bowl the Pats are the greatest dynasty this sport has ever witnessed, Brady is the greatest player of all time and the hoodie is the best coach ever ... and boy are they hated. It might seem obvious but this game is all about Brady ... or better yet, keeping him upright. 

With all the outside noise sometimes the big game can get lost in it all. But the X's and O's are still they key. Tom Brady will still be in a situation that it's his quick release against Aron Donald and the interior pass rush of the Rams. This is where the game will be won or lost. Brady has been sacked just 21 times all season and Dante Scarnecchia, the best line coach in history, has kept him upright in both playoff games.

That in and of itself is an accomplishment but when you combine who they played it's even more impressive. Bosa, Ingram, Dee Ford just to name a few were held under wraps, in part because of the line play, but also because of Brady's historic quick release. On the other side you have the best interior pass rush in the league in Darnold and Suh. Aron Darnold will get MVP votes and must cause Brady to make errant throws in this game if the Rams have any shot. Tha Rams have generated the highest pressure rate from the interior in the league while Brady is better against the edge rush than the interior push. 

Yes the Pats D against Goff is important and Gurley, White, Michel, Edleman, Cooks, Woods, Gronk and the rest will all play a key role. But even in the new air attack style NFL the interior lines will play the biggest role. 

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